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Enamoured with seasides

I wish I could be posting more lately, I really hoped for this to be more active than it’s been. First Life has been really busy (and stressful) lately .. I’m hoping that after the holidays I’ll be able to post a little more. I have to work on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day (!!!fml) so even then I won’t get to chill.

More than anything I’d love to relax along the edge of some sunny beach and feel warm breezes on my skin, but since there’s no beach near my home and the weather is perpetually cold and cloudy, something in SL is the best I can do! This lovely dress which I’ve worn in previous pictures is from Zenith Fashion and was free during the Diamond is Mine Hunt (which unfortunately is over ;-;). It’s pretty much my favorite dress ever! The petal shaped dress panels flow so gracefully.

I got to thinking that maybe I’d like a place of residence in-world .. so I did a bit of looking around and came across Willowdale Estate. I soon realized how extremely out of my price range that was, but it didn’t stop me from enjoying their beachside scenery!

I came to my senses soon after and realized real-life is my priority right now and that I shouldn’t be spending money on pixel parcels. So in the meantime I’ll just continue my hunt for lovely freebies and meander around as I usually do!

I was feeling in such an Elvish mood the other day! I went to Flower Feast, one of the loveliest places in all of SL in my personal opinion. It’s my go-to place for pretty pictures. :]

I’ve also happened across a new friend, and we met up at hir gorgeous snow-clad cabin. We had the most AMAZING discussion about gender and social identities!

[If anyone would like clothing/skin credits, just let me know.]

So on a complete whim, I decided to poke around at Second Life after years of hiatus. And of course I instantly got sucked in! I’ve been astonished to see all the incredible improvements in skill by some of my favorite creators. There are hunts going on for the holiday season and of course I couldn’t resist. :]

I found two new go-to places for absolutely BEAUTIFUL hair - Truth and Magicka. Go there and check them out! I am extremely picky about hairs and I’m miserly with my money. I won’t spend a dime if it doesn’t just about make me drool. So trust me when I say, some of the hairs here are the best SL has ever seen. The stuff I had on back in 09 is put to shame in comparison. xD

Since I last played, they introduced the Second Life Viewer 2.0 .. needless to say I was really shocked when I first logged in and felt like a headless chicken running around. I got used to it, but I noticed it was all incredibly laggy compared to what I used to manage. It just kept getting worse and worse.

So I did a bit of digging and discovered a new browser called the Cool Viewer.  I know, the name is silly. But dear god, go download this right now and just try it out. I can finally run around with beautiful shadows on, prims out the wazoo if I want (I usually don’t) and not everyone around me has to be an imposter. It’s amazing and I’m having so much fun just teleporting around looking at all my old haunts. I started SL in 2007 so I feel like an old man in the face of some strange new technology half the time.

But enough rambling. I realized that posting a bunch of SL stuff would be rather offputting to my regular tumblr buddies, because SL is .. well most of the world considers it kinda lame! And sometimes it is, no doubt! And there’s been so much bad press about it. It’s become rather passé to even mention it without blushing .. or at least that’s how I feel.

So this is my new tumblr blog devoted specifically to SL pictures and little updates and stories, or anything else that crosses my mind. I’ll occasionally do reviews if I see something I have to really share! I hope you’ll find it interesting. I had tons of pictures I wanted to share right away, but I just realized I hadn’t set them to high resolution so they’re all grainy and unfit to do anything with. But that will be remedied in the future, I assure you! The picture posted above is the only one I could bear letting anyone see. Aww.

As a side note, my name in SL is Sveta Decuir and you’re welcome to come meander around the grid with me anytime. Let’s get started. :]

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